What is Key License Management?

A look at e-commerce platforms Part VIII

The growth of the e-commerce market has introduced many new channels to own and operate a successful online business. For software vendors this has produced the perfect median for successfully introducing their product to a worldwide audience. With the increase in sales more effective means needed to be offered to protect their products that they have developed or are trying to market on the internet.

Key License is a term used in the software and digital goods industry to refer to a form of Digital Rights Management (DRM). This control is used by hardware manufacturers, publishers, copyright holders and individuals to impose limitations on the usage of digital content and devices. To effectively market and profit from their products this management technology is implemented to control the usage of the product.

Key license Management is a process used to control the digital rights and to maintain the intellectual property of those who have the legal rights. The key license itself provides access to the material and is sold to the purchaser under various conditions and in many cases multiple licenses need to be distributed. In the e-commerce industry vast amounts of software and digital goods is sold and distributed every day and each purchase requires a key to be registered and assigned to the user. There are many different scenarios for this process so the management technique will vary in complexity.

The effective means to control the sale and distribution of these licenses is to develop or outsource a management process for this. Thus, the process of “Key License Management” has become a specialty in itself. This can be a challenging task for vendors to efficiently maintain and regulate. E-commerce providers have become specialist in this task and have developed online platforms specifically designed to take this over from the vendor.

E-commerce service providers in the process of expanding the services that they can effectively offer have managed to blend this process into their individual solutions in order to target the software and digital goods industry. The key license management is a day-to-day process that can take time away from more critical business functions that vendors need to focus on. The goal is to offer the vendors what they need to free up the time spent on this part of their business.

Services offering the hosting and distributing of the license keys can save the vendor valuable time that can be better utilized and saves on the aggravation that is involved. The management of this service is designed into the e-commerce provider’s payment page controls and in turn it will provide the license sales and distribution to the end-user without intervention of the vendor. With these features designed into the payment page, the vendor just has to provide the key codes and let the service provider do the rest.

For software and digital content vendors this service is an invaluable tool and greatly boosts their individual productivity. When researching e-commerce platforms, this is a key feature to acquire and should be included.

Product Launch – Basics of Launching Your Product

5 Keys to Launching Your Product Effectively

When launching your product there are five essential keys for success. Below I have listed them to assist in the success of your endeavors. Each item is integral in the master plan and needs to be addressed with the utmost care and clarity.

Key One: Your product launch must be planned. Each part or step needs to be outlined and carefully planned to allow for direction and control. An uncontrolled product launch is an invitation for disaster. A disastrous launch can be the beginning of the end for your product.

Key Two: You must have a complete and detail market plan. This needs to be finished BEFORE your product launch. An incomplete market plan leads to hasty ill conceived decisions that can be detrimental to your over all success.

Key Three: There are a variety of marketing, promotional and media tools available today, take advantage of all of them. To ignore any are is to potentially discount a valuable ally in having a successful product launch. Don’t stick with only those which you are comfortable and familiar. Step out side of the box.

Key Four: Guarantee a bountiful product launch by engaging the services of marketing professionals and other business. Remember that the initial cost of such outside assistance will be offset by the increase in profits when you have exceptional profits due to a stellar product launch. The assistance of these experts can decrease the overall stress of a product launch by lending their assistance and experience.

Five: Make sure that all facets of your product launch are completely integrated. A successful product launch is a well planned product launch. By coordinating all aspects of planning and maximizing the usage of the tools available to you, you can assure yourself of a profitable and successful product launch.

How to Retrieve Your Lost Windows Product Key the Easy Way?

Loosing your Microsoft Windows or Office product keys is very annoying as you cannot reinstall those products anymore in any circumstances. But unfortunately reinstallation is very common. It is impossible to keep operating PC without assuming that one way or another you will reinstall some or all software inside. Sooner or later, you will find yourself upgrading to a new computer with a larger hard drive or encountering critical Windows failure and system error that both require you to reinstall all of the applications that you need with its valid product keys.

Windows and Microsoft Office are two fundamental software the keys of which you should keep in safe place. But somehow if you lose it, there is a chance to retrieve it back by searching it in your registry database. Unfortunately this is very difficult because not only that there are thousands of registry keys that we should check, but also it is because the key is usually encrypted. The easiest way is by using a Windows product key finder like Spotmau PowerSuite.

What makes Spotmau PowerSuite special is that it is easy, effective, and least expensive. It easy to use because it will list your Microsoft product keys instantly without configuring anything. It is effective because it accurately shows your product keys, supports various versions of Windows including Windows 98, ME, 2000, Server 2003, XP, and even Windows Vista, and third it can retrieve these keys without needing you to enter Windows.

This last ability is very important in case your Windows fails to boot or you are just simply not allowed to enter it. And this specialty alone can be the only reason you choose this product because there is no other key finder that can run outside Windows. But there is more, Spotmau PowerSuite is also least expensive. It is priced below $50. Unlike any other software in this price range, Spotmau has added additional features inside the package that very few of its competitors can offer.

As additional features, Spotmau packs its PowerSuite with various tools and utilities that range from password-related tools like Windows login and Ms Outlook password recovery to other critical tools like formatted/deleted file recovery. Overall, Spotmau PowerSuite is actually an emergency repair software that has the objective to recover your Windows from critical problems in unexpected situations just like when you can boot up your computer. It means that it has the tools and utilities for all your PC maintenance need.

From disk backup and cloning, partition manager, to hard drive diagnosing that include corrupted MBR rebuilder, all are packed into one single package. It can even help you fix NTLDR missing problem. And for your key finder software, Spotmau PowerSuite offers lots of additional features that any other products in the same price range cannot offer.